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Zombie Loan

When a human is marked to die, a faint gray line that is invisible to most appears around their neck. As time passes, that ring becomes darker and darker, until it is eventually black, and that person dies. Kita Michiru has an unusual gift, she posses "Shinigami eyes," which allow her to see these rings. When Michiru notices that two of the boys in her Class, Akatsuki Chika and Tachibana Shito not only have rings, but that they`re jet black, they reveal to her that the were supposed to die in a tragic accident six months ago. With the help of the Zombie Loan loan office, they were given a second chance at life, should they be able to pay for their debt by doing the work of Shinigami and killing malicious zombies. They petition Michiru to assist them in their efforts, and she finds her everyday life changing dramatically.

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Genre: Shounon, supernatural
Based on the manga by PEACH-PIT, serialised in G-Fantasy.


Michael Eh?

Getbackers with zombies? You bet. However what the two main undead characters are trying to do if get their lives back. And we thought that death and taxes were the only two certain things.


it's ok i suppose. doesn't seem especially original tho'.


Another shingami story, perhaps riding on the success of DeathNote and Bleach. The art is okay I may say give it a few more episodes to decide if I'll like it.


I like the main character but otherwise there's a total dearth of sympathetic characters. And as for as I can tell, the main conflict is just about earning money. That has some nice ironic potential in the show about undead but it's left completely undeveloped. The style us pretty cool, but that's all there is - no substance!


Okay, why did I start watching this one? Two answers: Suzumara Kenichi (SuzuKen) & Sakurai Takahiro (Sakupon). Also the buzz from the fandom and Japanese Magazines. I'm up to the 7th episode (6 - subbed), and we have also been graced with the presence of Suwabe Jun, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Itou Kentarou & Kuwashima Houko (she tops off the 3 main characters). It's a joy to watch, since we can relate to Kuwashima's character, Michiru, with the fact we don't have a clue about anything. (Unless you're reading the manga, and/or drama CD) Chika (SuzuKen) is the best one out of the pair to explain things to her. Shito will tell her things too, but he's just not as open as Chika. These two have a fated destiny to be connected to each other, because of a mistake. When they were killed, their bodies were badly injured and their right hands got mixed up. So they must work together to pay back their loans, to be able to live again. It's a great story, if you care enough to pay attention. ^^ Since it's of importance, a zombie is recognizable by a black ring another their neck. Chika: "I'm going to tear off this ring! So, come with me!"

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Review Date: July 24 2007

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