Xam'd: Lost Memories

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Xam'd: Lost Memories

Akiyuki, the main character, lives on Sentan Island, a land that has preserved its status as a free and peaceful island in a world consumed by fighting between the Northern and Southern Governments. All of this changes when Akiyuki boards a bus along with a mysterious white-haired girl who transforms his arm with the lost memories and power of Xam'd.
As Xam'd, Akiyuki goes on a rampage and is saved when a foreign girl with red hair named "Nakiami" calms him down, taking him back to her postal vessel. Akiyuki now must gain control of his powers and use them against the Northern Government's latest weapons, known as "Humanforms". Travelling the world on a postal vessel, Akiyuki hopes to return home one day, but until then he befriends other passengers on the boat.
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Alternative Names: Bounen no Xamdou
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Human Enhancement, Mecha, Military, Romance, Science Fiction
Demographic: Seinen
Exclusively available title to PlayStation Store's video download service for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PSP consoles.


Sanpei Yuuko as Nakiami, Orikasa Fumiko as Nishimura Haru, Abe Atsushi as Takehara Akiyuki, Hamada Kenji as Ahm, Konishi Katsuyuki as Akushiba, Tamai Yuumi as Benikawa Ishuu, Mizusawa Fumie as Hinokimaru, Furuya Tooru as Hiruken Emperor, Matsumoto Yasunori as Kakisu Toujirou, Naya Rokurou as Kiserujii



Great, animation is top quality. Came in late to the plot, but looked pretty wild.

Dark Draygoon

interesting I would like to see more of this


Good animation, original characters that act like how normal kids in today's world would act. In short, awesome.

Michael Eh?

Great influence by Studio Gibli in quality. Would have serve better released that just PlayStation Network.

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Date Reviewed: April 22 2012

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