Trinity Blood

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Trinity Blood

For the earth, Armaggedon has come and gone. Out of the darkness they came ... alien, powerful, deadly . Feeding on their prey. VAMPIRES!

Still between the darkness and the light stands something. Something unexpected. Something hidden. Something that feeds on Vampires.


Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Vampires
Demographic: Shoujo
Adapted from light novel, Trinity Blood Rage Against the Moon, created by Sunao Yoshida. Also adapted into an manga, Trinity Blood.



"I think the evil dude is very disturbed and messed up and unreal. It was excellent. To elaborate it shows that two people can fight but in reality, you see in short and that is if you are living in reality."


"I think the Evil Guy is very very died. I think the evil guy maybe comes back from the dead and gets killed for lifetimes?"

Starlight Knight

"Very very cool. Alright!"


"I enjoyed the episode very much. The story what was in the the episode at least, was a great mix. Action and comedy, as well as great character and mechanical designs."


"Vampires, guts, killing... How can you go wrong? Interesting story line and characters, as well as a bit of humour here and there."


"Not bad. The obvious inspiration for this series is Trigun and Van Helsing. I'd like to see more before I make up (my) mind whether I'd want to follow in regularly."

Joe S

"Trigun meets Hellsing in the future. Blood Death. Swearing and more death. A perfect series."

Ms Jadey

"It's sacrilegious! Trigun meets Hellsing, or something very art and the little-stewardess-who-could wasn't fatally irritating. I'd be very willing to see more, because I love scifi-fantasy blends, especially with vampires. The pope's an interesting addition - I guess nothing's sacred."


"Hmm. This seemed interesting what with the mythology stuff but it had it's problems too. (Such as the fact she was completely unaffected by a hole it the wall of a communication room.) Still It's cute."


"Quite entertaining."

Double J

"Entertaining story base. Good animation and lots of head soup!"


"Music 9.5 out of 10. Characters definitely Vash meets Hellsing, female lead dry so far. Story shows potential. Gorey, that's good. I'd recommend it, especially for the goth anime fans ... especially given the huge religious undertones. Good concept, fun, tasty. Overall 9 out of 10. I would watch more and consider spending money on it."


"WE HAVE TO WATCH IT! We have to. Sexy bishie killer psycho priest! I must have him!!! *drool*"


"Seems like a cross between Hellsing and Trigun. You guessed it ... Vash fighting vampires. It's a fun enough series, but seems to be fairly derivative. I'd watch it maybe... but I'd never spend money on it."


"This series appears to be an alien invasion mix if Hellsing and Trigun with a really strange take on the Catholic church. It feels rather awkward and at best will need more time to see if it's more the sum of its parts."

Michael Eh?

"Spotting only bits and pieces before showing as to not spoil seeing with the group. True this show has many elements that is recognizable from other shows but then it's all been done before. Just this show does it all before ... better. The one reference I thought everyone missed is the CG'd airships are alot like 'Last Exile.' No doubt the designers from many projects worked on this one. While the 'new' Vatican with the child pope and his two other siblings controlling the affairs of state adds some political intrigue into the mix. Girls love the bishi style but the guys will love the action."

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