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Slayers Revolution

The series will pick up from the point of Slayers Try after Gourry gave up the Sword of Light and it will follow Lina and Gourry as they attempt to find a weapon to replace it. Amelia and Zelgadis will join them and a new character in the series will be Wizer who is the Inspector of the Special Investigative Unit for the kingdom of Luvinagard.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Demographic: Shounen
Megumi Hayashibara will perform both the opening and ending credits. Other characters confirmed for Slayers Revolution are Xellos and two characters named Kuppy and Pokota.



What can be I say about a girl who's cute, perky and completely full of herself, and loves to blow stuff up! I hope the rest of the series has some plot worth following. The other characters show some promise as well. Come to think of it part of being Lina Inverse being a felony was pretty funny.


Slayers Revolution seems to follow (rather well I might add) the original storyline quite well and holds true to the many quirks of the characters and to Lina Innverse being an international offense? Priceless!


Slayers Revolution was interesting. I love the play on emotion (anger). Very graphic as it should be. Like to see more.


Slayers Revolution was interesting. I enjoyed the storyline.


All the fun of Slayers you know and love plus a lime coloured pokemon-like thing that (after the first impression) would be a second Xellos with how he contributed to the plot line of the Slayers first 3 seasons. OMG two characters like that? How will Lina and company survive? Here's hoping the dubbed version will also be as good like the past slayers series.

(Final verdict - 11/13/2001)

Only thing I didn't like, well, more like I had trouble getting use to, about the dub was the voice use for Xellos. No hate intended for Michael Sinterniklaas. He has talent and I could see him working in the series but David Moo fit the role better. Other than that I liked it.

Pokota (the lime coloured pokemon-like thing) did have a good background and plot.

Michael Eh?

Fourth time a charm? More like a bore. This seems to be more of a Slayers allstar reunion tour much like that of aging rock bands. So far it's been all the favorite hits. Nuking towns, corny lines and fish folk (ie. fish with legs) There is an plot but it seems to be paved over with cliches of the series. All we need is Naga to show and it will be perfect but then having her and Galli would be too many airheads in one show.

Honestly it's great to see another Slayers series. YA!

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Review Date: July 27th 2008

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