Shinigami's Ballad

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Shinigami's Ballad

Between life and death between this world and the next Walks a white shinigami, Momo.


Alternative Names: Shinigami no Ballad, Momo the Girl God of Death
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Based on Hasegawa K-Ske`s Shinigami no Ballad novellete series.



"Death lite. Little bit of Goth (but) not enough. Kinda boring."


"too sentimental for my tastes."


"When the regular character only appears for a few minutes. She's obviously just an excuse for a slow, serious, maudlin spiritually uplifting, educational children's drama. That's great but I'll PASS! (Thank you very much.)"

Michael Eh?

"Wow low turn out this night really worked against this show but maybe TOO different for this group's sake. It's interesting how every culture personifies death in someway or another. Just making the Shinigami a greeter than a giver of death was different from Western culture. This show still might be your favourite if given the chance."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2006

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