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This is Shibuya yet not Shibuya. Those who live in this virtual world it is Shibuya 15. Only the pain is real.


Alternative Names: Shibuya 15
Genre: Live Action, SciFi, Thriller



"Long time since I watched a live action show. Quite bizarre and acting needs improvement"


"i like the fight choreography"


"While not a big fan of live action. I did find this show a little better fives (Kamen Rider 555). The special effects are a little cheesy and you don't find out what's going on in the first episode but I'm sure that will change."

Michael eh?

"Every once and a while we have to watch some live action. Even if haven't watched live action the street corner should be a clue. It is one of the most recognized places in Tokyo next to Tokyo Tower. Yet the familiarity is the set for something isn't quite right which gives it it's air of creepiness. Though alot of live action fans prefer more action than haing to think out their settings it gives a new meaning of Urban Horror."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2006

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