Saint Beast

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Saint Beast

At one time, there were 6 Guardian Beasts, now only 4. Dragon, Tiger, Turtle, Bird. Two rebelled and were sealed away and forgotten until now. Now they are free. One by one the Guardian Angels are missing and it's up to the Avatars of the Four Beasts to find the Guardian Angels and find their adversaries.

However, their first encounter with Guardian Angel who takes after Zodiac sign of the snake, makes it clear that their adversaries are playing for keeps. The battle has just begun.


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic



"Evil pretty boy anime!"


"I'm impressed with the artwork and the anything that makes Pat cringe can't be all bad."


"Ooh, It's like, an even prettier amalgamation of all the good things from other pretty series! I so desperately want to see more of this! It's just so gorgeous! And I mean come on! Mischievous cat boy! How am I to resist?"


"-Very Cliché- Stock characters, stock plots, stock everything. But I've seen anime shows start cliché and pull out of it, so not a total write off."


"yawn. Uninteresting & unimaginative."


"Nice scenery, very sad mood to it."

Michael Eh?

"Sadly one major flaw to this anime version of what might well be a great manga. Heaven, which our quartet of animal guardians work for, has a problem of remembering their villains. You think after such a large battle to seal these evil characters in, they at least remember their names. Duh! Too slow and lifeless to be action. Too dull to be pretty. Had they thrown in some cliché anime techniques or better voice actors it might draw better crowd. Sadly this might do better dubbed."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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