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Ragnastrike Angels

In the near future, massive hostile beings called "Fiarem" are waging war on Earth. To defend the world from this alien threat, Japan unleashes a special team known as "Ragna Strikers"—six young women wielding advanced weaponry and the ability to grow to gigantic sizes. Ragnastrike Angels follows Ayano Anemori and her friends as they live their daily lives and battle the violent Fiarem.

Dans un proche avenir, des êtres hostiles massifs appelés "Fiarem" mèneront la guerre sur Terre. Pour défendre le monde contre cette menace extraterrestre, le Japon libère une équipe spéciale connue sous le nom de "Ragna Strikers" - six jeunes femmes brandissant des armes avancées et la capacité de grandir à des tailles gigantesques. Ragnastrike Angels suit Ayano Anemori et ses amis alors qu'ils vivent leur vie quotidienne et se battent contre le violent Fiarem.
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Genre: Action, Folklore, Game, Science Fiction
Adapted from the game/Adapté du jeu Ragnastrike Angels



lotta work to go thru for a game promo. over before you realize it even started though.

Michael Eh?

For a promo for anime game, this is pretty good storytelling for something that is about 30 seconds.


Given what little time there was in this series, there wasn't much time to showcase anything. Each episode is basically a TV commercial, so they only hd time to focus on on simplistic plot device each time. Unfortunately, for a lot of the episodes, the plot they went with was "ecchi" (not even "ecchi-based", just "ecchi").

I guess it was kind of an interesting way to promote the game, but it didn't look like much of anything I'd want to play.


OK, I admit I'm impressed -- mildly. Very mildly.


not much to say beyond it was short and funny. Might look into actually playing the game this series is based off of.

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