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What happens when a career man who has lost his dreams meets up with an inspiring voice actress who going onto realizing her dreams meet? A very mature romantic comedy that is neither mushy nor overly stupid that deals with their relationship ... and their love of Audrey Hepburn films.


Genre: Comedy, Romance
Based on the manga by Hanamizawa Q-Taro


Der Blaue Soldat

"Interesting, I wished I were a voice actor. Now i am thirsty."


"O_O Scary as hell ^.^ Very funny, watch it! The plot and characters make no sense, and there's a half-cat, half-tree. Genius."


"Well other than it being short, it was rather humourous so I guess that makes up for the short episodes."


"a nice little comedy-drama."


"I don't know what to say. I'm speachless."


"Short but sweet.. Nice art. Hope to see more plot development."


"I'd would like to say I fell in love with this show within the first minute of the intro. A show about a young career man and an inspiring voice actress. I found the show to be fresh. The characters fun and enjoyable, and the designs very sharp and attractive. I may have found a new favourite anime. The episodes are short but great."

I Love Anime

"Loved it."

Michael eh?

"I fell in love with this show. It's a romantic comedy without being mushy or stupid. It's a show, guys can watch and actually enjoy. A career man who has given up on his dreams meeting an aspiring voice actress not willing to give up on hers. Both share a love of Audrey Hepburn and her films as no doubt the author of this show does as well. In fact, each episode is titled after one of her films. A great series to see the ins and outs of Japanese voice acting and corporate worlds. The only disappointment is each episode is only 12 minutes long with opeing. A must see."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2006
We watched the series including the bonus episode 7.5 as a prelude to our breaktime.

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