Paranoia Agent

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Paranoia Agent

A young boy on roller blades seems to roll around the city and whack people on the head with a baseball bat, and things don`t seem to be the same after that. Shounen Bat is back home...


Alternative Names: Mousou Dairinin
Genre: Dementia, Detective, Drama, Mystery
This show is from the maker of Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress, the script is from the same man who did Boogiepop Phantom.



"Most Fscked up opening ever. I like it. This is brilliance; totally unlike anything I've ever seen before. The plot techniques are very sophisticated. The main characters are so original and enjoying right off the bat (pun intended). I can't wait to see more."


"*giggle* Well, the laughing people are kind of creepy, but Tsukoki(Tsuki-chan) is so cute. And the toad detective gets points for impersonations, but otherwise creepy. I really like the creepy premonition stuff. So cool. And the ending sequences are so nifty, too. May we watch more, please?"


"Like Lain and Perfect Blue, it is subtle and messes with your head. A perfect escape from the all action genre. Paranoia Agent is leave you wondering and your head spinning. I am interested into the symbolism and I am enticed to see more."


"Weird and annoying."


"original & fairly psychological. i like it so far."


"A strange and mysterious beginning to what promises to be an intriguing series."

Michael Eh?

"From the beginning this series stands out in character design as an Urban Legend in the making. This cast of characters orchestrate their own destruction seem to be the premise of each part of the story. From the slime ball private detective to mysterious doll, each character seems to be a harbinger of fate for each other. Even at the end a riddle as part of the next episode's preview to the cast of characters forming a giant question mark at the end, there seems to be a point to this series. The real question is will the writers go for imagery and obscurity as a fake attempt to faint depth and thought."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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