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The people have demanded change; Criterion boxes were created for the purpose of the people to leave their complaints in it. The result of this were two changes: the first being the creation of 'Koishigawa Youjoujo' for the people, the second being an inner-city magistrate office, known as the Mushibugyo.
Tsukishima Jinbee is a warrior who aims to be best, under the belief that a weak warrior isn't a warrior at all. He was scouted out by a representative to join the Mushibugyo and told to go to Edo with the instructions that he'd knew what to do once he got there. Shortly after arriving at Edo, he hears a scream and goes to check it out... To find a giant spider-like creature devouring some citizens of Edo. Being a warrior, there's no way he could stand this...
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Alternative Names: Mushibugyo
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, Mushibugyou - Manga.



pretty good. art-style reminds me of Samurai Champloo and maybe Ushio and Tora too.


The characters are pretty thinly drawn and the story is older than dirt. But the artstyle and fa service are (just barely) good enough to make want to see more. Although I think a city infested with giant carnvorous insects or spiders, whatever - would have become deopulated long before this show started.

Kody's Words

I loved it, it was a hell of a lot fun.


Meh, too much bondage and felt too much like a typical modern shonen to me.

Michael Eh?

Rocking opening and humour much like Soul Eater. Off the wall art style and character designs even though they're pretty well been seen elsewhere. The performance of the voice actors make what some may take as same-old same-old in a fresh performance.

Club Notes

Date reviewed: May 12 2013

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