Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

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Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

William Twining is blessed with both brains and wealth. He attends a prestigious school and lives in a huge mansion with his uncle and butler. But when his uncle's business endeavours fail, the Twining family is left bankrupt.
While searching in a storeroom of his home for objects to put up for sale, William stumbles upon a secret room. This room contains a magical seal, with which he unintentionally summons a demon. This demon, Dantalion, tells William that he wields sole authority in selecting the "substitute ruler" of the demon world! So naturally, the candidates for the throne will pursue the bewildered and annoyed young man...
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Alternative Names: Hell Prince - Devils and Realist
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, School Life, Supernatural
Demographic: Shoujo
Aapted from the manga, Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - Manga.



I suppose this will do if you're looking for a substitue for Black Butler but otherwise meh, nothing special.

Michael Eh?

While this show opens up with a suggestive yaoi opening, it kicks into a comedy with Black Butler undertones then switches gears and hooks you in.


Maybe it's because I read the manga that I don't see anything related to Kuroshitsuji here (thank the gods). Takadono-sensei brings in Solomon, the key and some of the pillars like Dantalion, and unless there's a butler named Sebastian in countless books you can't claim anything here. The character art is far better in the manga than the anime. But I look forward to seeing how much they can shove into this short series, like with Karneval. I defiantly don't think kuro when i read or watch this one.

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Date Reviewed: July 14 2013

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