Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Thousand years before, Enka, the destroying god, dies with the word that its 'child' will destroy the world. A Thousands years later, some people(and non-human creature) who have potential of being the children of Enka are found. They participate to the 'Peaceful Family Project', in order to find out who real child of Enka is, and also to teach him or her about the love of family and stop it from destroying the world.


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Based on a light novel series by Akira, illustrated by x6suke.


Captain Joystick

An evil demon swears to exact revenge 1000 years after his death, ok, I follow. The method of this vengence is his unwakened decendants, I'm with you so far ... Earth's only hope is this secret service agent who must find said children and stop them from running amok? Unlikely but fine ...Oh, and they're some kind of family now ... WHAT? One's a robot - what? A lion too - what? Jellyfish ... huh ... decent show, too much moe.


Something tells me that being ordered to marry a pint-sizedsuper human catgirlwho thinks she's a goddess and personifies absolute chaos is a lot more fun to watch than it would be to live through. The addition of five children into the mix seems almost unnecessary but I've sure there are lots of bizarre developments in store for them as well.

Michael Eh?

Now for something completely different. Or is it completely insane or idiotic. Absurbity reigns as group of off the wall characters are forced to live under one roof as a family. Though it can be said that the catgirl behaves as a cat would ... playing with people's lifes then ignoring them once she's bored with the game. Underlining this caravel of insanity is question of what is a family which the show in reality handles quite well.


noisy & hectic but fairly entertaining otherwise

Club Notes

Review Date: June 8 2008

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