Heroic Age

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Heroic Age

The Golden Tribe called out unto the universe to those who would come. Three races answered the call. The Silver Tribe, The Bronze Tribe and the Hero Tribe. Another race answered the call under their own power, the Iron Tribe, Humanity. Now the tribes are all after one child, a child raised by the Golden Tribe themselves. A Golden child, a human protected by the Hero Tribe.

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Genre: Mecha, Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction



"Great Art, nice combination of CGI and traditional animation. Good background music - matched the epic nature of the story."


"With a bunch of spaceships, nasty giant bugs, powered armour, a princess and a guy who calls a wrecked spaceship 'Mom'; this has the necessary ingredients for lots of stories. But more important, it's got a cool back story about a bunch of 'tribes' that lends it a sense of mythic depth - or could , if develop right."



Michael Eh?

"In all the years, I've watched anime, none has dropped my jaw within the first 30 seconds of the show as this one has. A galactic fairy tale which is whimsical cross between Babylon 5 and Starcraft the video game. It should be interesting how this 'Golden Child' story line turns out."

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Date Reviewed: April 22 2007

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