Hakobune Hakusho

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Hakobune Hakusho

Neko Futuka somehow finds herself applying to and enrolling in a secret school created by and specifically for animal/human shapeshifters, though only after difficult tribulations with those who manage the school. Neko befriends a fellow classmate , the cute Miika SUZUHARA, prior to the tough task of enrolling, and afterwards discovers her new found friend's 'feline' side, though this changes nothing in regards to the close relationship just started between them. Join Neko on her journey into the mysteries of the prosperous Moritaka school for the Sons' and Daughters' of this literal Noah's ark.
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Alternative Names: Animal Academy
Author: Moyamu Fujino
Genre: Fantasy, School Life
Published by Comic Blade


Michael Eh?

It seems I've been sucker punched by another High School drama with cats. The premise that these animals have to go to school to learn to be human. On the other side, it's a story about succeeding in spite of past failures. The cast is cute and adorable.... to the point I need an insulin shot just to read chapter 2.

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