Girls und Panzer

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Girls und Panzer

In this world, "Sensha-do", the military art of using tanks, is every bit as important to a yamato nadeshiko as flower arrangement and tea ceremony.
Nishizumi Miho is a new transfer student who want nothing to do with Sensha-do. However, she is summoned before the Student Council President who forcibly enrolls her in Sensha-do, with the ultimate goal of being part of the school's team in the National Sensha-do Tournament. To make matters worse, every single member of the team is eccentric.
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Nakagami Ikumi as Akiyama Yukari, Ozaki Mami as Isuzu Hana, Fuchigami Mai as Nishizumi Miho, Iguchi Yuka as Reizei Mako, Kayano Ai as Takebe Saori, Sendai Eri as Caesar, Moriya Satomi as Erwin, Kikuchi Mika as Isobe Noriko, Fukuen Misato as Kadotani Anzu, Kirimura Mari as Kawanishi Shinobu


Michael Eh?

Of all the cheesy premises this takes the cake but still has it charm other than the drama of teenage angst.


Yeesh, they'll make anything moe nowadays. the animation was decent at least but how the hell do you make a series about tank warfare cute?


This is new for me, girl and tanks together. Though sadly I found myself lost and a little confused. It's also sad it was the first episode.

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