Ga-Rei: Zero

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Ga-Rei: Zero

Life is slightly depressing and normal for high-schooler Kensuke Nimura - except that he can see ghosts. This ability generally hinders him more than it helps him, until he encounters Kagura Tsuchimiya while being pursued by evil spirits. They accidentally kiss and fight off the spirits together. The next day, she transfers into his class. Kagura is an agent of a government agency that defends the public against supernatural enemies. She wields a Ga-rei, a spirit beast that kills these spirits. Kensuke's spiritual awareness and his attraction to Kagura forces him to follow her to the agency, where he is recruited to fight the supernatural.


Alternative Names: Ga-Rei, The Enchained Spiritual Beast
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
Demographic: Shounen
An ongoing supernatural action manga, Ga-Rei by Segawa Hajime.


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