Free Collars Kingdom

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Free Collars Kingdom

Cyan is a young abyssinian cat who lived with a boy named Kokoro and his parents. After Kokoro became sick, the boy's parents abandoned Cyan, leaving him scavenging for food in the streets of Ikebukuro, Japan. Soon he discovers a group of stray cats who call themselves the "Free Collars", who believe that collars hold down the cats' "Wild Spirit". They live in the basement of Nyan-Man, an apartment building where Cyan's master lives. Cyan is given the opportunity to join, provided that he removes his collar, his symbol that Cyan is Kokoro's pet. Upon joining, he learns of the feud between the Siam Army of West Ikebukuro and the Free Collars of East Ikebukuro; the Wild Cat's collar is rumored to be somewhere in Ikebukuro, and each group wants it.
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Author: FUJIMA Takuya
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Demographic: Seinen
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