Eternal Family

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Eternal Family

When a scoial program goes to the air of reprogramming social misfits into a seeming family. Only the father, hired by the network knows they are really being used by network execs dressed in weasel costumes.
But an accident throws the Eternal Family into the real world, leaving the network, the family members and society scrambling to find the Eternal Family.


Alternative Names: Eikyuu Kazoku
Genre: Comedy, Dementia, Drama, Science Fiction, Parody
Set as a black comedy about family makeup as well as Reality Television this bizzarre show by Studio 4°C spares no one.



"This anime short had a plotline by the end of the show. At the begining of the show, it is hazy. This was a satirical movie using wild characters. I grade it 3.5 out of 5. Satire makes almost most of the mark."


"Weird is the only word to describe this anime. Pointless but keeps you watchiung to find out what happens."


"Very bizzarre and somewhat disturbing at times but still more entertaining then some fare out there. I'm somewhat curious to find out about some characters before the show; especially the youngest daughter Sae, but since this is a one shot that won't be possible."


"This was a cool show it was very intersting .... but weird. There was no plot at the beginning and it started to get more interesting in the middle. The son (dude with gun) was very cool!"


"If I could be disturbed, this would have been disturbing. As pointless as the last episode of Evangelion and just as bad."


"Wow .... Disturbing .... that's all I can really say. Just is really, really disturbing stuff. Totally Disturbing. ... Wow. This thing is gonna have me creeped for a week."


"A rather droning piece with an unappealing character style and wierdness seemingly for it's own sake."


"Messed. This moved. Not in a bad way mind you, but still moved. Wacky freaking animation personally. Liked the girl with the puppet. =P"

Michael Eh?

"Properly the blackest of black comedy on reality show syndrone and the family. Beginning images of distrubing scenes were ended with it literally 'going down the toilet' took a cliche to it's fullest extent. Simply both television and the family are headed in the same direction. Anyone who finds this disturbing should subjectively pickup a newspaper critically look at today's TV shows to figure out Eternal Family isn't that far off reality, TV or otherwise."

Club Notes

Review Date: Day of Anime 2005

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