Ef - a tale of melodies

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Ef - a tale of melodies

begins once again with Yuko Amamiya and Yu Himura in the middle of a reunion in a church during Christmas time. Yuko tells Yu how she has influenced people in two separate stories (from Ef: The First Tale.). After she is done with this, she asks him to tell her about the people he has influenced. Yu starts to tell his first story, that of Chihiro Shindo; the third chapter begins.[4] Like Yuko, Yu also abruptly appears out of no where and disappears just as mysteriously.[7] He often gives advice and warnings to Renji and others.[7] Yu is close to Chihiro and takes care of her. After the conclusion of the third chapter, the story goes back to Yuko and Yu with Yu ending his recount of the third chapter, and goes on to talk about how he and Yuko were separated in the past. Yu starts his recount of the events from the fourth chapter. At the end of the fourth chapter, the story shifts one final time back to Yuko and Yu. Up to this point the two have been recounting individual tales to each other. The meaning of the overall title Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. is revealed to be in connection with Yuko and Yu.


Alternative Names: Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two.
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Harem, Game
Demographic: Seinen
Sequel to ef - a tale of melodies.


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