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Dimension W

In the future, Nikola Tesla's dream of a 'World System' of electricity is realized. Cords and batteries are a thing of the past, and now people can directly draw energy using devices known as 'coils.' Some people, however, modify these coils for destructive purposes. Mabuchi Kyoma, a man who lives in ruins and has a passion for 'vintage' gas-powered cars, has good reason to know what damage these coils can do. He takes on assignments from a fat woman known as Marie, recovering illegal coils in exchange for cash and gasoline.
One day, he goes out on one of his usual missions, to retrieve illegal coils from two criminal brothers, Jony and Every Won. When he gets to their gang's hideout, however, there is another stranger there: a mysterious, cloaked captive that appears to be a young lady. Who is she and will this meeting change Kyoma's life?

Dans l'avenir, le rêve de Nikola Tesla d'un «système mondial» de l'électricité est réalisée. Cordons et batteries sont une chose du passé, et maintenant les gens peuvent directement puiser de l'énergie en utilisant des dispositifs appelés «bobines». Certaines personnes, cependant, modifier ces bobines à des fins destructrices. Mabuchi Kyoma, un homme qui vit en ruines et a une passion pour les voitures fonctionnant au gaz «vintage», a de bonnes raisons de savoir quels dommages ces bobines peuvent faire. Il prend des affectations d'une grosse femme connue comme Marie, la récupération des bobines illégales en échange d'argent et de l'essence. Un jour, il sort sur une de ses missions habituelles, pour récupérer des bobines illégales de deux frères criminels, Jony et chaque Won. Quand il arrive à la cachette de leur gang, cependant, il y a un autre étranger là:, un captif masqué mystérieux qui semble être une jeune femme. Qui est-elle et cette réunion changer la vie de Kyoma?
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Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the manga, Dimension W - Manga


Michael Eh?

Dimension W is good anime but loses out in soundtrack but the artwork and characters are solid. Many past anime plot lines converge here but it doesn't gel for me.


start with Chobits, ditch the touchy feely stuff & replace with an action-driven plot.


The characters are moderately interesting, and megacorporations make good villains, especially if they're bad. But I really want to see what happens to a planet-wide interdimensional power web after the guy who designed it detonated some weird little gadget that the bad guys knew nothing about.


A first episode filled with many familiar tones of technology and action. Dropping the viewer into a futuristic world filled with many changes and new power sources with a quirky main character that wishes to remain in the past. With an interesting art style and familiar tones with twists, this is definitely an anime that is worth watching.


Also watching this one. Was really awesome at the beginning but I preferred when they were following the storyline of Aoto instead of the King

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Date Reviewed: March 23 2016

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