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Sunday July 8th 2007 10am to 4:30pm

For years, I have been attending Stan C. Reade's Photo Day. Always being the first Sunday of July, it has been an event I have always enjoyed the camera vendor booths. Of late I have spent my time hiking through the extensive backlot of Elsie Perrin Williams estate which many of the nature photos in the past galleries can attest. Even the architure of the main house holds it's own charm along with lawn.

Admission has always been free. In past in the old film days, a free roll of film was given out. Prizes from various comapnies like Lexar, Fujifilm, etc. was always main stay.

This year, 2007, the staff of Stan C. Reade after seeing my galleries of cosplayers have extended their invitation to cosplayers. In past, Stan C. Reade, McCollocks costumes and local modeling school has put on a show for the crowds. Now it's you turn to dress up and not feel out of place in a crowd. With any luck this side of the event may grow.

I invite people to enter their own cosplay pictures in the photo contest.

For more details, check out Stan C. Reade for more details.

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